Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Everything has a beginning

This blog has been born out of spite. I am aware that they say that you shouldn't do anything for such un-pure motives, but I am of the opinion that if you're not so clean incentive gets you off your but and into action, there are worse things.

Here's the story:

I'm a college student. Most students at my school move off campus by junior year. So this year my two friends and I have moved into a three bedroom apartment off campus. I have been anticipating this move for some time. There are so many things to be excited about: leg room, walking space, closets...but most of all I was excited for the kitchen! I would tell my friends about how I was going to cook all the time when we moved into apartment. Each and everyone of them would look at me with pity and a knowing smile. "You're going to get busy and not cook" or "You'll be eating Ramen before you know it." Well I am a typically calm and reserved person but I do hide a stubborn streak. I love to cook and want to become better at it but, now I have a second motive to get into the kitchen: to prove everyone wrong.  To that end, I have made a promise to myself (and now to you lovely reader) that I will cook five days a week. Thus Grating Curve was born.

The End

Or maybe the beginning. Over the next school year there will be a lot of cooking, and a fair amount of blogging (Hopefully, I will get better at both).  Oh yeah, there will be some school work in there too (for good measure).

Well school starts in a week and so does my kitchen...

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  1. Sweet! I am excited to read your blog! And eat your food! :)